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Nighttime....shadows crawl transform
shape shifters walk through walls
float like smoke black cloaked spirits
dark shapes morph in the mist
experience paralysis hear a buzz like
electrical currents
shock to the system
shut down paralyzed and asleep from the neck down
yet your eyes are awake
if you could just turn your head
you might see it take shape
you hear the growls in your ear
you feel the heat of its breath
smell the stench in the air
are you are aware that these specters exists?
has the darkness climbed on your chest ?
the crushing weight of the incubus
succubus sucks from your lungs
all your breath
noxious fumes fill the room
terrified you are fully aware
of the doom and the gloom
face to face with the darkness
like your heart is about to beat
out of your chest
they oppress and attack
if this happens to you should know
how to fight backup
put your faith Christ Jesus
and know that through him you can defeat this
I aint fraid of no ghost
NO or any demons who try to approach
they know that Jesus name is no joke
rebuke evil spirits back to the smoke

Abducted kidnapped from your home
brought aboard a ship to be probed
bright lights paralyzed by black eyes
they mesmerize they hypnotize
they show you hybrids inside your mind
something tells you that they aren't alive
they say its ok just cooperate
were your gods just assimilate
the human race is evolving
the time is approaching don't give us problems
you've been chosen this is your mission
your enlightened and might be part alien
spread our one world message of peace
or else we will show you what lies underneath
beneath the mask manifested
uncensored you never woulda guessed it
the same ol jesters who press on the chest
cloaked in a different disguise to oppress
demonic misfits angelic mimics
visiting us throughout time to molest us
reptilian rumplestilskins
visit women who claim to give birth to their children
these demon beings are deceiving but defeated
and weak when Christ is your King


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