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Arkalogik   and    Genetix

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Arkalogik and Genetix have been making music together since the mid 90's. In 2004, they were convicted through their own personal journeys and research to officially form Destiny Lab. Their unique music explores many controversial yet important subjects such as; The search for God and the nature of our reality, creation vs. evolution, demons and angels, ancient history and the Bible, spiritual warfare, transhumanism and eugenics, aliens and ufos, the fallen angels and the nephilim, spiritual warfare and possession, the original sin and the serpent, the paranormal realm, the new age movement, secret societies and the occult, drugs and pharmakia, the illuminati and the new world order, Hollywood and the media and many more fascinating topics. They present a solid explanation about how all these issues tie into Biblical prophecy and the antichrist's deceptive one world agenda that we are seeing unfold before our eyes. We are indeed living in the season.


Arkalogik lyrically integrates years of hardcore research and passion into each and every track. Mixing real audio clips as evidence, along with the grimy beats of Genetix creates a solid presentation that educates a listener, and convicts them into wanting to learn more about each of the fascinating subjects being discussed. Destiny Lab's music can help point a person in the right direction that provides real solid answers and solutions for people seeking the truth in these confusing times. They are driven by their faith in Jesus Christ, who has been preparing them throughout their lives, and has blessed them with the calling to make this unique music.


Arkalogik has also created a podcast with his brother Neo called, "Digging for the Truth with Ark and Neo." This podcast goes even deeper into exploring many of the fascinating subjects discussed within Destiny Lab's music.

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