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Sick of sunshine
some see none
poison running through their veins
something coming run run
bloody palm prints
muddy footsteps
broken windows
smoke in the distance
event horizon reset
set the flagpole straight through your chest
forget weapons to protect
all your gunshots have no effect
evil beasts let loose in the streets
the gnashing of teeth don't fall asleep
Mothers weep those alive seek death
people feed on the dead eating rats and insects
locust swarm and erupt from the pit
they nest in the darkest abyss without rest
awaiting the time of their torment
cities flee to the hills and the caves lying dormant
they gaze at the signs unphased by the cries
inviting the anger enticed by the lies
outside of the gates they protest and rage
no place to escape they dig their own graves
afraid of the sound of the fluttering wings
the pain of the sting the torment it brings
they linger and eat they sink in their teeth
they pray for the day they will die and the angels will sing
escape all the agony brought from the skies
aligned with the sign of the end of the times
its all been recorded the mark on the forehead
the Passover blood of the lamb on the doorstep
unfolding the plan the falling of man
the hourglass broken and pouring out sand
the skies turning black from the scorpions trap
the wrath or the rapture
the message is past
the last fleeting moments are coming to pass
so fast it will capture the masses entrapped
with the instant collapse of all structures
all towers engulfed by the powers we trusted
the hands of these bloodthirsty men the dark evil masters
whose dastardly deeds have been plastered
and grafted through laws they've enacted
black rabid backstabbers masters of misinformation
entrapment and twisting the facts
through crafty persuasion invasion of privacy
those big brother tactics enacted for all of humanity
casually crushing our rights are just vanishing
wasted away into nothing
there waiting for something
for someone to stand in the gap
react to these actions the clash of titans
the one final battle
and peace between lamb and the lion

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