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Destiny Lab is dedicated to: the exploration, discovery, understanding and the truth about the mysteries of God, man and nature. We are passionate about making truth music with meaning and purpose. Our music asks the listener life examining questions that demand answers and investigation. This music was pre-destined to be made for this exact time and age when people are desperately seeking for some sort of truth and understanding! 

Ark aka Arkalogik is the MC and founder of the underground Christian hip hop group called Destiny Lab. He is also the host for his podcast digging for the Truth with Ark and Neo and has been making music since the 90's that digs into many controversial yet important subjects such as:  How spiritual warfare is connected to the fallen angels and the Nephilim as well as the the alien deception, how the creation vs evolution debate is connected to eugenics and transhumanism, secret societies and the occult, the new world order, drugs and sorcery, the new age deception, the end times prophecy, the antichrist, and how a hive mind artificial intelligence is the end game aka antichrist. We explore all these subjects from a Biblical perspective which is the glue that holds all these pieces of the puzzle together to form a clear picture. We provide solid evidence backed up with data and facts to shift peoples paradigms with solutions and answers life's hard questions. 

Although these subjects are interesting to study and debate our real goal is be instruments of God's will by breaking down the obstacles and exposing the deceptions that the enemy has put in place that keep people from the truth that can only be found in Jesus Christ. The only reason we make truth music is to glorify Him and be a link in the chain to lead others to the truth.

If you would like to support Destiny Lab and pre-order our 4th album you can visit our Patreon page at



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