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Unseen Zones 2020 Remix Single

Unseen Zones 2020 Remix Single


We are offering this song as a free download and you are welcome to give us a donation of whatever amount you choose or nothing at all. We just hope this song is a blessing to you and the people you share it with! Please sign up for our email list so you can get the latest Destiny Lab news!


Unseen Zones was our most popular song and video for almost 10 years on youtube and we were forced to remove it a few months ago due to a copyright strike and claim that it used a snippet of sound from some obscure record in the mix. This song had been out since before 2010 and had over 160,000 views and was our our most shared video and song and all of the sudden after 10 years we get a copyright strike out of no where?


Coincidentally this song exposes the very roots of the deceptions that our world is being exposed to through occult and alien doctrines in a variety of demonic costumes. We rebuke these familiar spirits in the name and authority of Jesus Christ and we will not stop exposing their deceptions! We have now completely remixed this song with a new beat but same feel as the original. We hope you enjoy Unseen Zones 2020 Remix for FREE and download it and spread it everywhere to make it go viral!


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The original sin of the garden is the lie and delusion that you can be your own god. This is the root of all lies and false worldviews. This song warns people who may be searching for truth in all the wrong places. Demons pose as anything that will mislead you in order to keep you from the truth that can only be found within Jesus Christ. They appear as aliens, enlightened beings, ascended masters, angels, dead relatives, ghosts, light beings, fairies, gnomes, incubus succubus, etc.... They are all the same fallen angels of old......and they always use the same old lie to deceive....The original sin of mankind....the idea that we can evolve into our own god. The original sin in the garden and the very first sin and root teaching of luciferianism and all false religions, mystery schools and secret societies.They all seem to agree with the original sin that man can be their own god. Freemasons, Gnostics, Rosicrucians, Jesuits, Theosophists, Kabbalists, Hindus, Buddhists, Scientologists, Mormons, New agers, alien cults, Kunkalini Yoga and most importantly luciferians all basically follow this same theme that man is god or can become a god or we are all one divine being as their foundation. In more current times we have had ideas like evolution, eugenics and now transhumanism that repackage this same concept with the cloak of scientism. It has been presented through documentaries and groups like Zeitgeist, the secret, What the bleep to do we know?, the Burning man, Sacred Chapel of Mirrors, Sirius, Unacknowledged, The Spirit Molecule, Oprah and Eckhart Tolle, the list goes on and on and on.


Now on top of this we also have the other scary piece of the puzzle and that is that this original sin belief has also been the root teaching of people like Hitler, Charles Manson and Jeffery Dahmer. It was the fundamental teaching for cults such as the Heavens Gate suicide cult the Jim Jones suicide cult and the Rajneesh cult and every other new age type deceptive cult throughout modern history. If you watch every documentary regarding cults you will see ONE common theme between all new age cults....they appeal directly to the ego and believe that man is god....just like the serpent in the garden. Take your pick...Wild Wild Country, Holy Hell, The Commune, Going Clear, The Source, Prophets Prey, The Life and Death of People's Temple, The Family, Children of God...they all tell the same story, is this a coincidence?


The final nail in the coffin is the people that suffer and are tormented from sleep paralysis and supposed alien abduction experiences for years only to be set free once they recognize and rebuke these beings in the name and authority of Jesus Christ. If you investigate the CE4 research group they have collected over 300 testimonies of people that have been set free from years of this torment in an instant never to return once they are recognized to be demons and rebuked in name and authority of Jesus. Coincidence??

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